Are They Good?

Finding a candle brand that you love and stick with can be a challenge. There’s so many different companies and different types of candles that you never know if a brand as a whole is good or if you just picked a good candle from a subpar company. So if you decide you want to try Lulu Candles you may be wondering if they’re good enough to be worth your money.

Lulu Candles is a good quality candle that is without a doubt worth your money. They’re made of high quality wax and has a long lasting burn. They also offer high quality fragrances that will make your home smell delectable.

In this post, I’ll discuss everything I feel you should know about Lulu Candles before making a purchase from them. I will then review seven different candles from the Lulu Candles line that are definitely the candles worth purchasing. By doing this, you’ll be more than prepared to make a decision about whether or not a Lulu candle will be a good fit for your home.

Lulu Candles Review

What You Need to Know about Lulu Candles

Before buying from a candle company, you should know everything you can about them to make sure their candles are a good fit for you and your home. In this section, I’ll discuss everything you need to know about Lulu Candles before you can make a decision as to whether or not you should buy one.

Amazon’s Best Candle

Lulu Candles is a highly sought after candle. With tens of thousands of different candles offered on Amazon, it’s not small feature that Lulu Candles has been voted Best Candle. This brings back the question: does this brand sell good candles? If you go based off their best candle label, you would easily be able to assume that they are indeed a great quality candle, which isn’t wrong. Let’s talk about what makes them a good candle.

Lulu Candles uses an eco-friendly soy wax for their candles. Because they use soy wax, their candles have a long lasting burn time. Their candles are one of longest burning products being sold. You can also guarantee that you’ll have a strong fragrance throw that isn’t overpowering. The fragrances hold high quality scents because this brand is extremely selective with their ingredients.

Lulu Candles is an American manufactured brand that picks their ingredients carefully to ensure that they’re creating a vegan and cruelty free product. These candles are also paraben free so you don’t have to worry about their candles having a negative effect on your body. They want to give you the best possible scent throw and an overall high quality candle so they’re very picky as to what ingredients go into their candles.

This brand has 35 different fragrances to choose from and while they may have less fragrances than larger brands, they make sure to have a well rounded selection that fits a large number of consumers. There are fragrances such as Wild Lemongrass and Tobacco Spice for the people who enjoy having a more natural smell to their home. For foodies and bakers, there are fragrances such as Sugared Pecans and Crumb Cake.

The packaging and presentation of a Lulu Candle is also a great selling point, too. These candles are simplistic with wax that isn’t colored. The candles either come in a clear glass jar or a votive that is either black or white. When you buy a candle in a jar, it will come with a black lid, except for a few candles that comes with a cork lid. The votive candles don’t come with a lid.

Every candle is branded with a black label with information displayed in a typewritten fashion. The black lid on the jars are chic and brings the whole candle together. You can place this simple candle anywhere in your home without worrying about it clashing with your décor or standing out.

Products Lulu Candles Sells

Lulu Candles strictly sells candles, but they sell a variety of different buying options. There are different sizes you can choose from such as 6 ounce and 9 ounce votives or jars. If you want a presented with the option of buying single candles or purchasing a package of two candles. When you purchase a package of two you are essentially saving a few dollars than if you were to buy two candles separately.

Lulu Candles offers a Special Occasions Collection that has different candles that would make perfect gifts for the candle lovers in your life. They have a candle for the holiday season that’s packaged in a lovely gold chrome jar. There is also a birthday candle in a clear jar brandished with “Happy Birthday”. There’s also a candle to express your love for someone. If these candles don’t fit your gifting experience, they also offer a four piece gift set. Each of these candle options come wrapped in a box.

If you’re looking for a candle subscription, Lulu Candles has two options for you. Both of their options are for 6 month subscriptions. One subscriptions offers 6 ounce candles and the other offers 9 ounce candles. These subscriptions are delivered to you every other month so it is spread out through a year and allows you time to burn the long lasting candle you’ve received before you get a new one.

Furr A Cause Candles

There’s one other candle collection that Lulu Candles sells. This collection is called Furr A Cause. There are two candles in this collection with the fragrances Lavender Musk and Apple Cinnamon. These two fragrances are 6 ounces and packaged in a jar. The packaging is the same as every other candle except instead of a number in the top left corner, a paw print is placed there instead.

When you purchase one of these candles, Lulu Candles donates $3 of what you paid to help dogs that have been abandoned or abused. If you have a dog lover who also loves candles, this is a perfect gift for them. These candles are also perfect to buy and enjoy for yourself. You’ll get a long lasting candle that will remind you that you’ve helped give dogs a better life every time you burn it.

A Review of 7 Lulu Candles

In this section, I’ll review 7 of the most popular fragrances from Lulu Candles. This will help you decide if these fragrances will be a good fit for you and your home. By reviewing these candles, it will also help you narrow down all of their fragrances so the decision of which candle you want is easier to make.

1. Jasmine, Oud & Sandalwood

The jasmine, oud & sandalwood fragrance is perfect for anyone who loves to fill their home with natural scents. The room you place this candle in will instantly be transformed into a wonderful nature scene with the beautiful floral fragrance that comes from jasmine mixed together with the woody scent of sandalwood. Finishing off this scent is the slightly sweet, slightly woody fragrance of oud.


  • You don’t have to be worried about the throw from this fragrance being overwhelming.
  • This truly is a slow burning candle so you can expect to have this candle for a long time.
  • This candle is great for anyone that enjoys an earthy fragrance.
  • You get a strong even fragrance from this candle and it will fill a large room easily.
  • The name of this candle holds true to how the fragrance smells.
  • The jar this candle comes in is minimalistic and can fit in with any type of home décor without fear of it standing out.


  • This fragrance may be too subtle for some people to enjoy.
  • Some people may find this candle small for the price it costs.

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2. Tobacco, Spice and Vanilla

The tobacco, spice, and vanilla fragrance is the perfect mix of natural and sweet to create the perfect candle for someone who likes candles filled with spice. With this candle, you can expect the earthy, natural fragrance that comes from tobacco mixed with a combination of different spices to give it an even more natural fragrance.

Rounding out this fragrance, you’re given the scent of vanilla to mellow out the spices and tobacco.


  • Despite the small size of this candle, you’re given a long lasting product.
  • This fragrance has a unique mixture of scents that you won’t find in may other candles.
  • You’ll be given a high quality product that has a strong fragrance throw.
  • The vanilla creates a good balance with the tobacco to give you a well rounded candle.
  • This fragrance creates a warm atmosphere in whatever room you choose to place it in.
  • This candle has a strong fragrance but it isn’t strong enough to be irritating.


  • The tobacco fragrance isn’t identical to tobacco fragrances sold by other companies so some people may not enjoy the difference from this fragrance.
  • The wick can sometimes be too short to burn properly.

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3. Lavender Musk

Lavender Musk is a fragrance from the Furr A Cause Collection so when you purchase this candle $3 of what you paid will go towards helping dogs that have been abandoned or abused. T

his fragrance is a floral scent that is rounded out by the natural and subtle fragrance of musk. This candle is also an odor eliminator so it’s designed to tackle strong unwanted odors.

When you burn this candle you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the fragrance that lingers, replacing the unwanted fragrance you previously had.


  • This fragrance isn’t too strong and is enough to make your room smell like a lavender garden.
  • When purchasing this candle you’re providing money to help dogs in need.
  • This candle is the perfect size to be placed anywhere in your home without it standing out.
  • The odor eliminating aspect of this candle really works and will destroy any difficult odors to remove.
  • The fragrance of this candle is strong but not too strong to where it’s unbearable.
  • While this is a floral fragrance it’s not too floral to where it smells like a flower shop.


  • This fragrance may not be strong enough for some people.
  • This candle can sometimes struggle burning because the wick can be short.

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4. Apple Cinnamon

Apple Cinnamon is the other fragrance in the Furr A Cause Collection. This fragrance is great for anyone who loves sweet fragrance that mimic baked goods. When you burn this candle, anyone that walks into your home will think you’ve just finished baking a cinnamon apple pie.

Your home will be filled with a delicious fragrance that will linger on even after you’ve extinguished the flame. This fragrance is also an odor eliminator so it will take care of any odor you don’t want around.


  • The fragrance from this candle is strong and effective.
  • This candle’s odor eliminating abilities work great and will take care of even the strongest odors.
  • Some of the proceeds from this candle goes towards helping animals in need.
  • You get a very fragrant apple scent with a swirl of cinnamon fragrance in it.
  • This candle gives you a slow, clean burn.
  • This is a perfect candle for year round but fits in best during the fall.


  • If you’re looking for a candle that has a strong cinnamon fragrance, this may not be right for you.
  • The short wick in this candle may make the candle struggle to stay lit.

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5. Fresh Linen

If you’re looking for a fresh, clean fragrance, this is definitely a great candle to go with. Your home will smell like a fresh load of laundry that will make your home actually feel cleaner.

This is a great fragrance for someone who wants a subtle scent. While this is a subtle scent, you can still expect a strong scent throw that will fill a room easily.


  • The quality of the candle makes it well worth the price you have to pay for it.
  • The scent will permeate into your apartment, making it smell clean long after you’ve extinguished the candle.
  • This is a long lasting candle.
  • You can expect an even burn from this candle.
  • You’ll get a fresh, clean feeling from this candle.
  • While this candle is small, it really packs a pleasant punch with the fragrance.


  • This candle is a little pricey for the amount of candle you’re given.

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6. Pineapple Evergreen

The pineapple evergreen fragrance is the perfect mixture of a natural smelling and fruity scent that will please anyone that smells it. You have the sweet and slightly tart fragrance from the pineapple mixing magnificently with the natural, woodsy fragrance from the evergreen.

This is a candle that is perfect to burn year round, too.


  • The pineapple and evergreen fragrances complement each other nicely to create a well rounded candle.
  • This is a slow burning candle that will last you a long time.
  • The fragrance isn’t too strong but still makes a lasting impression.
  • This fragrance is unisex and is generally enjoyed by anybody.
  • While this candle gives a strong fragrance throw, you won’t be overwhelmed by the power of the scent.
  • You can expect this candle to fill a room with fragrance easily.


  • You can’t leave this candle burning too long because the glass can become too hot.
  • This fragrance may not be strong enough for some people.

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7. Espresso Bean

If you enjoy drinking a hot cup of coffee in the morning to help you wake up, this is the perfect candle for you. While burning this candle, your home will smell like a coffee shop with a fresh pot of coffee being brewed.

This is a bold fragrance that will fill a room easily and will make you feel more awake just by smelling it. The color of this candle pleasantly complements the coffee fragrance, too


  • This candle gives you an authentic coffee fragrance and doesn’t smell artificial at all.
  • When you burn this candle, you will feel like your home has been transformed into a coffee shop.
  • This is a great candle for any coffee lover.
  • The jar is simplistic and will fit in with any decorations you have without standing out.
  • This candle burns slow so you can enjoy the coffee fragrance for hours upon hours.
  • You get a clean burn from this candle so you don’t have to worry about soot and toxins entering the air while it burns.


  • The wick can be too short to stay well lit.
  • This fragrance may be too subtle for some people.

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Customer Opinions

Before you make a purchase from a candle company you’ve ever bought from before, it’s important to take customer opinions into consideration. Customer opinions can help you decide whether or not the candle brand you want to purchase from is good or not. In this section, I’ll discuss what customers liked and what they didn’t like with the candles they’ve purchased from Lulu Candles.

What Customers Liked

Customers really enjoy the candles as a whole. They especially enjoy the authenticity of the fragrances. The candles don’t smell artificial and really represent the fragrances that are advertised on the jar. Another thing that customers enjoy is the long lasting, slow burn that these candles offer. Because the candles are soy wax, they burn slower which gives you a long lasting candle that you can burn for hours.

What Customers Didn’t Like

There isn’t much that customers didn’t like about these candles. Generally, people really like these candles and don’t have many negative comments. One thing that people don’t like about the candles though is that the wicks can sometimes be too short to burn efficiently.

Final Thoughts

Lulu Candles is a great candle company to buy from. They create candles with ingredients that are carefully chosen to give you the best quality candle that they can. The definitely succeed in making a good candle that lasts a long time and gives off a great scent throw. You won’t regret purchasing a candle from this company, whether it’s for your or for a friend.

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